6 Pages APA &4 Slides Ppt: Forensics and Incident Response

6 Pages APA &4 Slides Ppt: Forensics and Incident Response: College essay writing service

Each student choose a topic for his/her/their term project related to – Forensics and Incident Response. · Students are given time to conduct a preliminary research and find published material related to the topic of their choice· Each student/group must provide the list of every publication that he/she finds including “Abstract” and information related to where and when each article/paper was published. In simple words your final submission must be in APA style and contain all references/sources that you have used. We provide the best Online writing service to our students. Log in today to get access to notch papers

Once the project topic and research material related to the course content is completed students can proceed to conduct further research and complete their respective project.Deliverable:

1) Complete paper should be in APA style, submitted as word document, not to exceed twelve 7 pages (typed double space and must include title, name and references).

2) In addition to the paper, students are required to submit 4-5 page PP slide of their project.Important:When choosing articles/papers related to the chosen topics, students must pay attention to selecting articles that include new information for them. Each term paper will be evaluated based on originality and individual increased learnings directly related to the project. Term Papers must be in APA format and should have the following basic format and not more than 7 pages altogether:1- Abstract: a short, clear and concise summation of the entire paper. An abstract should provide enough of a preview that a typical reader will know whether or not they wish to read the paper.

It should reveal both the purpose and conclusions of thepaper2-

Introduction: it should start broad and narrow down to a specific research question. The introduction should reveal some broad knowledge of the overall topic and quickly focus on the major point of the paper3-

Body: it should include the actual content of the project like background, research, information from a variety of significant sources related to the major point of the paper that contribute to a well-supported argument, critique or discussion of the topic4-

Conclusion: The conclusion should reinforce the major claims or interpretation in a way that is not just a summary. It might also present complications and illustrate the need for further research on the topic5- References

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