A page reflection

Below is the questions and my answers for the reflection (250-300 words)
1. Was the instructional objective met? How do I know students learned what was intended?
2. Were the students productively engaged? How do I know?
3. Did I alter my instructional plan as I taught the lesson? Why?
4. What additional assistance, support, and/or resources would have further enhanced this lesson?
5. If I had the opportunity to teach the lesson again to the same group of students, would I do anything differently? What? Why?
1. My class was about interview skills. I was prepared for material and citations.
2.Everyone was productively engaged. Because everyone performed a interview in front of the class. And they enjoyed it.
3.Not really. It went with my plan.
4.If most of the students had a interview before will be better. In that case, everyone will have sort of clue of interview
5.No, i think my lesson were very successful.

Other’s example:
1. From my perspective, the instructional objective was met. My goal was to teach students the easiest way to combine and cut video clips for their final presentation. I prepared two handouts, one guided exercise and one independent exercise for them so I can know whether or not the students have understood the materials. Also, I asked them to repeat the procedures or techniques after I explained to make sure they were on the same page and ready to learn the next objective.
2. The students appeared to be a little bit quiet at first because for the first 10 minutes, I just showed them different videos to catch their attention and arouse their interests. But later on they were productively engaged in the activities I planned. I knew that since they all brought their laptops to class and followed my steps when we were doing the guided practice. They asked me a lot of questions they encountered, and we figured them out together.
3. I altered some steps of my instructional plan while I was teaching. It was so hard to control the timing, students’ reactions and lots of unexpected issues that would happen in class, especially when I taught the technology part. Some students couldn’t open the files that I put on the blackboard, or they couldn’t download the application on their laptops. Those are the problems I have not expected and they really hindered my teaching. So I had to give up certain part of my planned activity and jumped to the next one, and that resulted in imbalance time allocation.
4. To enhance the lesson, I think I should have a PowerPoint which explicitly presents every step that I want the students to do in the practice part because they always asked me for clarification or repetition. Moreover, I should find a software which can work for both Mac users and Windows users so I can make sure everyone understand each procedure, instead of teaching two different types of softwares and make them confused.
5. If I had the opportunity to teach the lesson again to the same group of students, I would definitely do something different. I spent so much time at the beginning stage to get them into the topic that we had to rush through other activities. Also I felt like I talked too much and I should give them more opportunity to do the practice. So next time I will try to make it student-centered, and improve my pacing to facilitate the students’ involvement.

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