ABC Model of Crisis Intervention

In a three-page essay, you will explore the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention. Using information from the text, and your own experiences if you desire, your essay should address the items listed.

Include the following in your essay:

Define the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention.
Reflecting back on Stage A of the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention, what skills must a crisis counselor have to be successful developing trust and rapport with the client?

During Stage B of the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention, how will you identify and break down the problems that a client presents? Be detailed about what you will ask the client. Feel free to use the form from the textbook for the second stage.

Describe how you will explore and assess the client’s level of emotional distress and impairments in functioning.
What ethical considerations do you need to explore in the second stage, and why?

Based on Stage C of the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention, how will you help the client cope with his/her situation through preventive techniques and what coping strategies might you recommend?

Your essay should include:
An APA-formatted title page
A body length of a minimum of 3 pages (minimum of 5 pages including title page and reference page)
An APA-formatted reference page with in-text citations
In addition, make sure you:
Include an introduction and conclusion
Use standard margins: 1″ on all sides
Use standard 12-point font size
Use standard double-spacing
Use left-aligned text; do not right-justify

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