Real-time PCR detection and quantification of elephantid DNA: Sp

1.i) Describe the research being conducted Real-time PCR detection and quantification of elephantid DNA

ii) Identify the most significant results/conclusions presented in the article
iii) Identify the broad implications of the research described in the article
When ‘dissecting’ the article, keep these questions in mind:
• What is the research question/hypothesis? What are the authors trying to
do/find out?

• How are they going to answer their research question? (a BRIEF description of any model(s) and techniques being used is a great place to start)

• What did they find out from analyzing their experiments? How do the results compare with their hypothesis/research question? (If applicable, did they ‘succeed’ at their research goal?)

• If applicable, which of the authors’ MAJOR conclusions are directly drawn from the analysis of the results and which are speculative?
• How does this research translate to “the big picture”?

2. the literature to be reviewed has been attached


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