Annotations of A.I. Articles

Annotations of A.I. Articles. College essay writing service

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Please use the following steps to complete this assignment:
Step 1: Download the Word document version of the A.I. Articles, Set #2, located in this module. Be sure to save this document to your computer, flash drive, or Google Drive. You can use the annotation tools in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, or you can print the articles and annotate by hand. It is your choice, so long as you upload your document.

Step 2: Using the methods you learned about in “Active Reading Strategies,” annotate the articles, using multiple methods, such as highlighting, underlining, bold, etc. It is important that you indicate what the different methods mean. For example, Bold=Words I Need to Look Up and Highlighting=Important Ideas.

Step 3: Include some notes/comments/questions–either in the margins or in a different font/color on the article as well. Your task is to prove you read the article thoroughly.

Step 4: Upload your document to this assignment submission area.There is a grading rubric attached to this assignment link, which you can view before you submit your assignment.

Below are two articles about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). These articles focus on the positive aspects of this technology.Last week, you read two articles articles that focused on the pnegative aspects. Please download the articles using the Word document I have provided for you and read them carefully–perhaps more than one time. Then, using the “Active Reading Strategies” handout, annotate the articles by using underlining, highlighting, and other note-taking techniques. By Wednesday, you will be asked to submit your annotations on these articles.
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