BHM 324 SLP 3

Read the following two articles: Perkins. J. (2015). The importance of advertising your job the right way. Retrieved from, L. (2008). 5 ways to create inspiring job announcements.

Retrieved from the follow video: Business Roundtable. (2016). Solving the Skills Gap in America: Steelcase CEO Jim Keane Retrieved from

After reading the above articles and video, complete the following:Part 1 (1-2 pages):For the third component of the Session Long Project use the two job descriptions developed in Module 2 SLP and in 1 to 2 pages answer the following questions: Part 2 (1 page):Define “skills gapping” and discuss how this process can be applied to the health care setting or any other type of organization. During your course of employment have you ever seen this process used? If so, discuss the context. How would you apply it to where you work or have worked? Page Length: 2 to 3 pages.

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