Business Computer Applications

This assignment may be completed individually, in pairs or groups of three. You will prepare an Excel Workbook and related PowerPoint Presentation for an existing or fictional organization of your choice presenting company information and statistics such as:

  • inventory
  • human resources
  • sales and revenue
  • budgets
  • financial analysis and forecasting
  • other topics as discussed with your Professor

Refer to the Projects on SAM for examples. Both documents must be created from scratch. The documents will be submitted electronically as indicated below.


Consistency across Excel& PowerPoint Documents

  • use the same Theme for both documents(2 marks)
  • consistent content, organization, positioning and formatting across both documents(5 marks)
    • they look clean, professional and uncluttered

Higher Marks for proper use and presentation/explanation of one or more of the following(up to 5 marks):

  • What-If Analysis (Goal Seek)
  • 3d References
  • functioning Data Table(s)
  • Amortization Table(s)
  • Named Reference Formulae

Excel Document

  • includes at least two Tables(1 mark)
    • on separate sheets presenting different information(1 mark)
    • properly formatted, labeled and titled(2 marks)
    • a non-default Table Style is applied to each(2 marks)
  • includesat least two different types of Charts(2 marks)
    • on separate sheets presenting different information (1 mark)
    • properly formatted, labeled and titled(2 mark)
    • a non-default Chart Style is applied to each(1 mark)
  • use of proper Cell Styles and Borders(4 marks)
  • use of Structured (Named) References where appropriate (2 marks)
  • include at least three different AutoFunctions in your tables (Sum, Average, Min, etc.)(3 marks)
  • includes at least three, different, hand-written Formulae of at least intermediate complexity in your tables(6 marks)
    • formulas should display
      • complex calculations using multiple operations and parentheses and/or
      • non-AutoFunction Formulae (If, PMT, FV, Match, CountIf, etc.)
    • make sure that Formulae and other information is properly produced in Series by using the Fill Handle(2 marks)
    • use at least three different Number Formats (Accounting, Currency, Dates, etc.) correctly and consistently in your Tables(3 marks)
    • use Conditional Formatting at least twice in your Tables(2 marks)
    • print your Tables and Charts in a small booklet
      • print on both sides of the page(1 mark)
      • use the most appropriate page orientation(s) (portrait or landscape) for easy reading(1 mark)
      • set proper Print Areas to fit your tables and charts neatly on the pages without making them too small to read(1 mark)
      • in the headers of the printed pages, include the project title with the name of the organization(1 mark)
      • in the footers of the printed pages, include your names and titles, the date and the correct page numbers(2 marks)

 PowerPoint Document

  • include at least 8 well-organized and Spell Checked Slides (not including the Title Slide)(2 mark)
  • include anAgenda slide(1 mark)
  • include a slide introducing your organization, yourselves and your positions (by Title ( ex. Vice President of Human Resources) (1 mark)
  • includethe organization’s logo and at least three other Images with Picture Stylesapplied (2 mark)
  • Insert and properly Link your Excel Tables into your Slides (2 marks)
  • Copy, Insert and properly Link your Excel Charts into your Slides (2 marks)
  • Transitions appear between every Slide(1 mark)
  • Slide elements are Animated on at least three slides(2 marks)
  • your names and your organization name should be included in the Slide Footer area (1 mark)
  • print double-sided as Handouts three slides per page with the current date your name(s) and student number(s) in the header/footer of the printed handout pages (2 marks)
    • include these pages with your printed Excel Booklet

MARK      /68 (worth 20%

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