Case Study: Cheap Chic From Forever 21

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Case Study: Cheap Chic From Forever 21. Forever 21 is a successful fashion-forward retailer whose target market includes the 18- to 24-year-old consumer who wants to wear trendy clothes at a budget price. The retailer has been aggressive in its expansion, meeting the competition head on. However, this growth has not been without controversy; Forever 21 has been accused of copyright infringement and questionable supplier and manufacturing practices.

For this assignment, read “Cheap Chic from Forever 21,” on page 450 of your textbook, and visit the Forever 21 website. In a two-page essay, evaluate Forever 21’s expansion strategy and the impact of the controversies that surround the company. Be sure to discuss these issues in depth, citing sources to support your position. Your essay should relate to concepts discussed in your textbook, as well as other scholarly resources. Your essay should include the following:

Legal issues aside, evaluate Forever 21’s strategy of making low-cost versions of successful designs by famous designers.
From a merchandising perspective, what are the pros and cons of Forever 21’s fast-growth strategy?

For additional details, please refer to the Case Study Guidelines and Rubric in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course.

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