Marketing plan

Write Own career marketing plan, the report writes about our future career.
Just write about what career plans I have in future

About myself: I am a Marketing student, Year 4
I have worked with at an auto company in the sales department (car sales)

what evidence do you have of the importance of assessment and planning

Please select one of the two prompts to address, and then respond to someone that chose the opposite prompt that you addressed.

Prompt 1

From your own work in and study of human services, what evidence do you have of the importance of assessment and planning?

Prompt 2

If you could choose a type of case management in your community, what do you see as the most needed area and why?

Stock Project Buy and Sell

it is “Stock Project” where you imagine to be handed 50,000 and buy stock

here is some points to focus on

  1. reason why you chose each company. ( you can invest in one but I prefer more)
  2. use these dates : the date of buying stock is (Aug 28, 2017) the day of selling is Nov 29, 2017.
  3. include information about when the shares prices increase or decrease. ( what happened that made the prices high or low at certain time)
  4. what did you learn from this project
  5. it is a reportP(5.u)

Division of labour and Globalisation

The essay should only be written by using the sources which I have given. Division of labor should be linked with globalization and compared and contrasted. Power, deskilling, automation, and globalization should be the main focus. Please use Harvard referencing and intent citations.P(5.u)