Causes of subdural hematoma

Causes of subdural hematoma

FarhatNeto et al. (2014), concluded that subdural hematoma is often caused by a severe head injury. Bleeding due to injury in the brain usually creates intracranial pressure, which will compress the brain tissues and can lead to death or permanent brain damage. Motor vehicle accidents have been one of the leading causes of severe head injuries which later leads to subdural hematoma, other causes of head injury are falls and assaults.

Subdural hematomas can also be caused by minor head injury, the extent of bleeding is smaller and occurs more slowly and usually occur mostly in adults and can go unnoticed for many days to weeks (Kolias et al 2010). There are some risks that increase subdural hematoma such as medicine that thin the blood, for example, warfarin and aspirin, males are more disposed due to their higher risk of trauma, very young and very old individuals are also very susceptible because young individuals have thinner bones also weak immune system while elderly people’s brain shrinkage causes tiny veins to stretch more and vulnerable to tearing which always cause chronic subdural hematoma, long term alcohol use by adults, and medical conditions that makes the blood clot poorly (FarhatNeto et al. 2012).


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