Common or Not So Common Sense,the Common (Safety) Sense

Common or Not So Common Sense,the Common (Safety) Sense. College essay writing service

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Almost everyone in the world have heard the term “common sense. I personally believe that it is the ability to think and behave in a reasonable way, and to make good decisions (this is just an opinion).Common sense in the safety world is something we should not take for granted (but yes we do). Common sense is something that everyone has but not everyone uses. There are thousands of accidents in the workplace that could have been prevented if the person had used even a little common “safety” sense.Now my question is:
1. Can common sense be taught or are we born with it?
2. Why is common sense not common especially in the safety world? (give a specific example from your explanation)
3. Based on your answers to question 1 and question 2, give an impromptu prep-talk or tool-box training to make commons-sense common-knowledge.
4. Then back your prep-talk with one OSHA standard that is reasonable
Wake us up if safety is truly your passion (Professionalism)

Let us watch the below video and discuss about all safety issues and senses that did not apply. A lot of people love want they do for a living but is it worth the money or fun risking one’s life. Are common sense common any longer? Do we have to go to the extreme to be recognized or applauded? Is this the type of risk one has to take to be fierce and competitive.

Watch and share your opinion, particularly from the safety point of view
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