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Overview: As you start to consider salaries, compensation packages, and negotiations, it is important to think about the short-term and long-term impacts of student loans, on your earnings, both positive and negative. How will you handle the debt you currently have and how will it influence your salary considerations and negotiation? A little research into this might help in taking responsibility for debts/investments and grow a deeper understanding of how important personal finance is and what role it plays in your overall quality of life and career choices. Instructions: 1. Identify how your student loan debt (or personal debt, if you don’t have student loan debt) can affect your: o Credit score (Use the resource in the unit to locate your credit score. This is for your own information. Not for sharing). -780 score o Future budget: -$100 a week o Spending goals/habits: -Mortgage $2k monthly, Car $500 Monthly, Food $400 monthly, weekend $350 monthly 2. Explain how managing your student loans (or personal loans and debt if you don’t have student loans) can contribute to personal financial success and growth. -student loan debt $21k, 4. Examine how your debt influences your career considerations in the following areas: -Applications Cybersecurity Engineer for Qualcomm o Salary:- $122,500 o Determining what you choose to negotiate: – based on experience and company size o Geographical location of the job: San Diego, CA

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