Content Calendar about Sunglass hut


a. Edit the color-coded key in the upper right corner of the first tab (monthly planning calendar) to match the content types you recommend for your brand.

b. Complete the content calendar.‘Social Media Content Calendar User Guide’ pdf file for reference.


a. Add at least five content pieces that you recommend the brand use. Consider the various types of content and which your brand should use. You are not required to complete the ‘link’ column.

b. You must include at least one blog post in your plan. Consider the types of pillar content in blogs (‘how-to’ article, definition article, glossary article, theory article, and list article).


a. Select three social media channels. Channels can include but are not limited to: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. Rename the updates tabs if you select other social media channels. Delete the updates tabs not used.

b. Write three posts for each of your selected social media channels. Make sure to use the techniques for link hooks (resource hook, contrary hook, humor hook, giveaway hook, and research hook). c. The assignment totals nine posts across three channels.


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