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1.please go to google to find “unwinding” by george packer.
2.writing a outline about Dean and Tammy’s search for ” The American Dream” and their eventual “unwinding” in The Unwinding.
3. and full essay.

The Problem To Investigate – The Prompt:
Write a brief paper that compares/contrasts Dean and Tammy’s search for “The American Dream” and their eventual “unwinding” in The Unwinding. In your analysis, consider the “myths that shape identity” that we have studied this semester (family, education, gender, etc.…) as well as any others that you see as relevant in each character’s growth (race, class, religion, etc.…). Finally, include your reflection on the idea of an “unwinding” and how this idea may be relevant to current day America as well as to you and your experience; which character “speaks” to you and your experiences – explain (this may come in the form of a conclusion or you may weave it into the essay – this is your rhetorical choice).

Who Is My Audience?
We’ve already considered ourselves the audience for Price and Thomas. Therefore, your classmates and current generation should also be the audience for your analysis in this paper. Remember, as always, it’s not just what these authors say that makes their thoughts appeal to their reader; it’s how they say it. The same goes for you as the author of this paper!

What’s Next?
To synthesize arguments you must bring together material from two or more sources in order to generate new information or support a new perspective. You GO BEYOND what your sources say to inspire and support what you want to say. Price and Thomas are your sources—but YOUR thoughts about what they’ve said are what we’re looking for in this paper.

How do we do this?
Read first with an open mind
Try to summarize both characters’ experience
How are these experiences similar?
How are these experiences different?
Group similar bits of information together
Then we need to outline or structure our paper.
Enter into the conversation we’ve already started about cultural myths in our society.

As you read… you will come to an understanding of the concepts, interpretations, and controversies related to your topic—you’ll become aware that there’s a larger conversation going on. When you begin to find connections among your sources, you will begin to see your own place in that conversation.

Take your brainstorming material/Canvas Discussions/Class discussions and begin to outline your paper.
Find the quotes from the text you believe are most useful in proving your main ideas.

Your paper should focus on branching outwards towards a larger understanding of the cultural myths that affect all of us. Consider how these authors might fit the mold (or don’t!) of buying into cultural myths.


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