Dating Culture Conversation Circle

First these are the questions for the reflection
1. How did the attendees respond to the topic? Give examples.
2. How did the attendees respond to the facilitators? Give examples.
3. Write about your favorite part of the circle, and why.
4. Write about your least favorite part of the circle, and why.
5. Write what you would do differently if you were facilitating the same circle.

These are the answers for the questions:
Attendees was attracted to the topic. Students were laughing and asking questions.

And the facilitators were very activated. Asking questions and give candies.
My favorite part of the circle was the dream lover sheet that we filled in. Everyone did filled the sheet of what kind of lovers they want. And the facilitators passed the sheet around to let other people have a look. That was pretty fun.

Overall I think it was handle very well. However, I think to have a ice breaker in the beginning of the CCwill be better, since most of the students don’t know each other.

And have a ice breaker will be the thing I do differently. And to have students speak more.

And this is the example of others:

Reflection on “Dating Culture” Conversation Circle
On October 31st, I went to a very interesting conversation circle that talked about the different stages of a relationship, and what others looked for in an ideal partner. The part that I specifically loved about the conversation circle was also the part that I felt could have used just a little bit more improvement! When we first entered, we were divided into 3 groups and given a handout where we had to answer questions about what our ideal romantic partner was like. The enthusiastic facilitators then took our sheets and exchanged our papers with those from another group. We then discussed if any of the ideal partners we read about in the other group’s handouts matched any of the traits we would like to see in our partner. I believe that this was a truly creative, brilliant activity in theory, but I feel as though the execution threw everybody off, including the facilitators who impressively pushed on through with big smiles. The formation of groups proved to be the first complication in the activity due to what seemed to be a miscommunication between the facilitators, which led to confusion with how to swap handouts between three groups. However, they handled the situation with grace and did not skip a beat, which I found extremely inspiring! At the end of the activity, though there were amazing discussions that came from the questions, many people looked confused as to what the purpose of the activity had been, and wondered if there was more to it. This was also handled well by facilitators who continued on to the next activities and discussions without hesitation! Due to the creativity and thoughtfulness put into this activity, it was still my favorite part of their conversation circle because of the way that the facilitators created useful, interesting conversations from the questions. It also allowed for attendees to really become active within the discussions because of how relatable the topic was, and how genuine the facilitators were. Though there were a couple expected awkward silences within the discussions, facilitators took it upon themselves to contribute a personal fact and opinion that kept the ball rolling. The only way that I would have run the conversation circle differently is just to overview each activity and point in the discussion again to see if it was complete and significant to the overall topic at hand, and to have everything a little bit more organized in advance so there would be no hesitations with how to group people, or if there would be enough handouts for everyone who arrived. Otherwise, it was a very fun, interesting experience that I would not mind coming to again!

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