disciplines of ethics by providing its definition and examples maritime examples

  1. Discuss the following sub-disciplines of ethics by providing its definition and examples (maritime examples). Make sure to use the terms inside the box for further analysis.
  2. Format: long size bond paper: font style: Calibri, margin 1 inch each side, font size 11, landscape position, maximum of 5 bond papers.
Metaeithics Normative Ethics Applied Ethics
Metaethical Theories Types: known as down to earth area of moral philosophy
 Naturalism Viture Ethics
 Intuitionism Deontological
 Emotivism Consequentialist theory


PBT3: Ultimate End of Man

  1. Create a collage (maritime related) of the following terms;
    1. Proximate end
    2. Intermediate end
    3. Ultimate end
    4. Absolute end
  2. Format: no margin, and cut out pictures, long bond paper, landscape position


PBT4: Principles in connection with the end of Human Actions

First Principle:

Every person doing an act does it for the sake of an end to be attained.


Second Principle:

Every person doing an act does it for the sake of an ultimate end.


Third Principle:

Every person has the capability of moving to an end that is good for him/her.


Instruction: Narrate your experience/s based on the following principle given. You may provide as many instances/scenarios as you can. You may use a paragraph form/a numbered form/ bullet form. This task is too personal for you to discuss with your classmate.

Format: long size bond paper, font style: Calibri, font size: 11, portrait position, 1-inch margin each side, maximum of one long bond paper only.

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