Discuss six (6) trends on your omain Area

Discuss six (6) trends on your domain Area.  College essay writing service

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Based on internet searches or other secondary research (i.e., reading magazine, books, other sources, etc…) please identify a total of six (6) trends that are relevant to the group of people / context, type of company or industry / field that you have decided to focus on. This is another source of critical information that can help you build insights and uncover opportunities relevant to the domain you are focused on. Purchase the answer to view it. We provide the best Online writing service to our students. Log in today to get access to notch papers

One Political Trend, One Economic Tend ,Two Socio-Cultural Trends Two Technology Trends but don’t be limited by the space provided (once you add a couple of sentences about each trend, list / discuss underlying or related trends, and talk about identified opportunities for each of the 6 trends this will be a couple of pages). This (along with all readings and quizzes) is DUE BEFORE your next class session.
Some advice

A trend is a change in something — something should be increasing, decreasing, becoming more important or relevant or having a more significant impact, etc… Make it clear what is changing and in what way.
We want you to focus on your domain — an area close to your passions. However, trends are typically analyzed at an industry level so if you can figure out the industry that is typically associated with the group of people and context you are looking at this can help (as you search online to learn more about what is happening relevant to your area pay attention to the terms used to describe your domain — this can help you improve your search criteria and find better information).
Start by searching on Google for “trends affecting XXXX people”, “trends in XXXX industry”, or “the future of XXXX” or “new technology in XXXX industry” or simply on “recent economic trends” or “recent political trends”. You may even find example PEST analyses out there online that can be a great starting point.

There are literally dozens of right answers to this we just want to see that you have done research and have a decent explanation about how the trend affects the industry you are working on, how these trends are connected to other underlying or related trends, and how this trend creates new needs, changes needs, allows you to solve problems in different ways, or otherwise creates opportunities in your domain. my passions is in Engineering technology , Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering so I was thinking about eco car if you find better topic also good. Purchase the answer to view it. We provide the best Online writing service to our students. Log in today to get access to notch papers

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