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Question description

Writing paper about ( Effective Policing) It most be from journal.
One paragraph (typed) description of your topic submitted via e-mail. Include the analytical question you will address and your preliminary list (at least 5) of annotated references (10 Points).
Research paper outline and updated references list (7-8 sources). Submitted to via e-mail (10 Points).
A clean, polished, typed, proofread paper, including references. Submitted to via e-mail. Oral presentations begin.
Last date for submission of revised papers via e-mail.
pleas make sure you might the requirements below and don’t copy from the internet.
Grading Criteria for Writing Assignment – 140 possible points

Introduction20 points
Opening paragraph clearly identifies your issue
and analytical question (_____ of 10)
Opening paragraph describes the organization of the paper (_____ of 10)
Body of the Paper70 points

Main points clearly identified (_____ of 15)
Well-organized and logically developed (_____ of 20)
Sufficiently detailed discussion (_____ of 20)
Adequate support (references). Appropriate and used effectively (_____ of 15)
Conclusion 20 points
Clear summary of the major points and your analysis (_____ of 10)
Closure (smooth exit from the paper) (_____ of 10)
Writing Mechanics30 points
Diction, appropriate conventions of expression (____ of 10)
Sentence and Paragraph Construction. Writing is concise,
precise and proofread (____ of 10)
References, endnotes, etc. follow the conventions prescribed
by Turabian, APA etc. (____ of 10)
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