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For this theme (“family and identity”), I am asking you to respond to the readings in a comprehensive way.
1. Write at least five full paragraphs (one paragraph per reading with a minimum of five sentences per paragraph) that describes your reactions to the five readings for this theme. Explain the readings by author and title. Here is the challenge here: Although I am asking for your reaction, I want you to think through your reaction. For example, if the particular language in a poem grabbed you in some way, think about why. Also, think about how the readings as whole connect to the broader theme.
2. Then, write a list of “real-world” questions that these readings raise for you.For example, if we read a story about a soldier’s wartime experiences, this might make you wonder about how soldiers deal with making the transition back to civilian life when they finally come home.These should not be questions about the specific characters or events in the story or the poem.For example, don’t ask, “What will the protagonist Bob do when he comes home?”Instead, pose a question about the “real world” beyond the text.For example, “What resources are there for soldiers who have problems adjusting to civilian life?”List as many questions as you can think of, but try to come with at least three questions, keeping in mind that the questions can be springboards into your essay for this unit or can turn into good research topics.

The followings are the required readings:
“Family and Identity” (p. 349)
Kate Chopin, “The Storm” (pp. 350-353)
Gregory Corso, “Marriage” (pp. 392-395)
Nikki Giovanni, “Mothers” (pp. 396-397)
Peter Meinke, “Advice to My Son” (400-401)
Sharon Olds, “I Go Back to May, 1937” (pp. 401-402)

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