Hazards of technology for people neurologically and behaviorally

Question description
Nicholas Carr writes about the hazards of technology for people neurologically and behaviorally and paints a very negative picture for the future. Carr expresses his opinion quite directly in the article and the videos, but do you agree with him? Is it possible that we as a species are simply now moving to a different stage in our evolution because of technology, and it is not hazardous? Or is technology truly hazardous to our brains?
Topic Question:
Is the Internet really hazardous to our brains?
Answer the question in an essay and provide supporting evidence from Carr’s essay, the videos, and additional sources that you may find.
Use MLA8 formatting of in-text citations and citations in Works Cited.
Type your essay in MLA format with at least 4 in-text citations from readings, videos, additional sources, and type Works Cited with MLA8 citations.
Minimum word requirement: 1300
THIS IS THE ESSAY By Nicholas Carr
And those are the videos
Times new roman pt 12. Thank you

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