Help me do the homework about PSYC 243 statistical Analysis and design

I will give you the password of MIndtap It is due ate FEB 16, the homework about chapter1-4.

In MindTap, each homework problem allows 3 attempts and your grade for that problem is the average of those 3 attempts. If you complete the problem on the first attempt at 100% you do not need to attempt it again and can move on. If you click the button to attempt the problem a second time after receiving 100%, then you click out and do not answer, that will score as a ZERO and factor in to your average! Do not make this mistake.

However, if you get less than 100% on your first attempt you are allowed two more tries.

On each attempt, the homework problem will change slightly from the problem presented previously. It will be the same conceptual content but a different presentation of that content. This allows you ample opportunity to learn and adjust based on feedback from previous attempts. You are not required to attempt the problem 3 times; however, it is in your best interest to do so if you are not receiving 100% correct on the homework problem.

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