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A successful essay demonstrates an understanding of the arguments put forward by each author. But avoid long quotations from any one essay and instead use example and narrative, in your own words, to explain the meaning of each author and the kind of evidence he or she marshals to sustain their version of history. In this short essay, the point is not to compare one author to another but to use their work to construct your own argument.

Be sure to write and spell using correct English. Proofread your paper at least once before you turn it in. Normally, you will want to outline your argument, or offer an overview of the paper, in the very first paragraph. Get to the point. Don’t throw in background material that is not relevant to the argument you will make in your paper.

Do not use social science notation! Instead use the kind of footnotes or endnotes deployed by the historians writing in State of the Union or in the American Historical Review. Here are some examples:

Although many companies enjoyed placid bargaining relationships with unions representing their employees, the Kohler Corporation in Wisconsin bitterly resisted unionization and spread the anti-union message far and wide. Indeed, many such business conservatives were influenced by European anti-Marxists such as Friedrich Hayek and Ludwig von Mises.

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