Humor is just a reaction at awkward situations

Humor is just a reaction at awkward situations and when humans do not know what to say in conversation.

For this essay, you will compose an essay with 4-5 sources, 2-3 of which must be from books or scholarly, peer-reviewed journals and come from sources outside the required material for the course (in other words, from independent research). This essay should have a strong thesis that is a debatable claim worthy of further analysis and is introduced in the first paragraph. From there, the essay should outline 2-3 main ideas the essay will develop in support of the thesis, and should develop them in the order they are introduced. This essay may explore any topics that relate to the course theme, such as: does irony force us to consider language as always meaning something beyond/besides what is said? Are there forms of humor that transcend their historical/cultural contexts, and if so, how? Do the ethical questions raised by satire mean that authors of satire have ethical responsibilities?

The essay must be 750+ words, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins, with MLA formatted citations and a works cited page that does not count toward the final page count.

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