Individual Final Performance Assessment Report

Question description
Individual Final Performance Assessment Report. Phase IV. This phase comprises the Stockholders’ Final Debrief written paper, where participant defends decisions as the executive manager to the Board of Directors and Stockholders (in this case, the professor).

The paper should be a minimum of 10 pages (2 pages for company performance assessment report, 4-6 pages for your product line assessment report, and 4-6 pages for your functional area performance assessment report), plus a competitor assessment. This is just the text; tables and exhibits are additional. (There is no maximum length, however there may be a penalty for being wordy, and not concise.) Your score out of 50 points will reflect your ability to describe why you chose the strategies you did, what the outcomes were, why, and what you learned, as well as the quality of your writing. Discuss any strategy changes made during the competition rounds.

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