Informed Consent: Parents need to know

Informed Consent: Parents need to know. Write my research paper

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Watch the video in the Chapter 3 Helper Studio activity and then develop a set of talking points to guide your response to the father’s questions and concerns for your assignment submission in Schoology. Be sure your talking points respond to the following questions: What rights and responsibilities does the father have? What are your responsibilities as a case manager of his son? What do you need to take into consideration when making exceptions to confidentiality such as the one the father is asking you to make? In your responses, cite one to two scholarly sources. Format your paper per the guidelines in APA format. The title and reference pages are not part of the total page count. After you have submitted your responses, record and upload a video of yourself responding to a father who is concerned about his son’s treatment and has made a request of you, his counselor. We provide the best Online writing service to our students. Log in today to get access to notch papers.

Video Transcript:
Thank you for making some time to actually talk to me about what’s going on with my son in these counseling sessions. I’ll be totally frank with you; I feel a little in the dark right now, you know, the school tells me he needs this counseling for his IEP so get him into counseling. Okay, I love my son, I put him in counseling. But he comes in here once a week and talks to you about what? I don’t know. And when I try to talk to you about it, I feel like you don’t really want to tell me anything about what you’re talking about. And I’m his dad; I should get to know what’s going on in this session. So I’m just thinking, you know, like you saw the paperwork, I’m sure, I’m in the military. I can’t have my superior officers be finding out that my son is in counseling over here. So I’m looking for some information. I’m wondering what’s going on in these counseling sessions that I bring him to once a week. Like, what things are being said?
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