Key Assessment: Erik Erikson and Charlotte’s Web

Key Assessment: Erik Erikson and Charlotte’s Web
In this assessment, you are asked to focus on using your knowledge of child development and learning and Erik Erikson’s theory of the Eight Stages of Man to explain how the characters in E.B. White’s book Charlotte’s Web illustrate each of the eight stages. For this assignment, you will concentrate on the first four stages.
You will:
Read Charlotte’s Web with the idea that the author created the characters based on Erikson’s Eight Stages of Man.
Using your text by Trawick-Smith (2014) develop an understanding of Erikson’s first four Stages of Man. Your aim is to be able to relate each stage to stage in Wilbur’s life in White’s book.
Using the information learned from the teaching of Erikson, you will relate each of the first four stages to information gleaned from Trawick-Smith(2014) text, or other research (developmental theorist) regarding characteristics of children in these stages of development.
Your assessment must respond directly to each of the following steps and questions:
Step One: Beginning with your own definition of the first four stages, you will write one paragraph describing each stage (4 paragraphs total) and an example from Charlotte’s Web illustrating the specific stage. Proper citation will be used when citing Charlotte’s Web (record page number cited). (NAEYC Standard 1a). When writing your example address the positive aspect of each stage (example: Trust vs Mistrust you would find an example of Wilbur displaying trust).
Step Two: Identify the multiple influences on a child’s development (NAEYC Standard 1b)
Using the first four stages of man, connect other research supporting the characteristics described in Erikson’s stages. Elaborate on at least one development theorist work, textbook description, or peer-reviewed article comparing or contrasting the two theories. Choose from the work of Maslow, Brofenbrenner, Vygotsky, Montessori or Piaget. Compare or contrast the two theories. Remember to support your work by providing citations.
Step Three: Involving families and children in their children’s development and learning (NAEYC standard 2c)
Using the information you have learned through this assignment what could you discuss with a family in a parent conference about the importance of understanding children’s stages of development? List 5 specific facts that you could share with a family that would contribute to a child’s positive growth and development.
Step Four: Reflection page
Provide a one-page reflection describing what you learned with regard to Erikson’s first four stages of man as it relates to child development. How will you use this information when working with children and their families?

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