Life of Jean-Francois Champollion Essay

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1. Life of Jean-Francois Champollion. Using the online biographies as principal sources, give a brief but clear summary of the great French scholar’s life, including his connection to Egypt. Then explain how he came to be able to translate hieroglyphs. As part of this, be sure to research and describe the Rosetta Stone, which is discussed in the textbook. [Additional topic]. We provide the best Online writing service to our students. Log in today to get access to notch papers

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Format: 3 pages (1000 word count), 1” margins, double-spaced, 12 pt. type. On a cover page or in the top left-hand corner, be sure to put your name, my name, our class, and the date. Use an effective structure that carefully guides your reader from one idea to the next, and edit thoroughly so that sentences are readable and appropriate for an academic audience.
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