Corporate social responsibility and leaders’ roles

In completing this activity, you will demonstrate the ability to relate the
concept of corporate social responsibility to leaders’ roles.
Read about corporate social responsibility (CSR) and respond to the

• CSR and going green—are these fads? Are they trends? Are they
sustainable strategies? Give examples in your answer.
• What role do leaders play in promoting ethics and CSR in
• Be certain to integrate the readings and research from the online
library to support your opinions. You must cite your sources in text
and include multiple references in addition to the textbook for your
initial response and your replies.

Evaluation criteria
Review the SBT Discussion Rubric that is attached for information. Keep
the following points in mind: Evaluation of CSR is logical and objective and
supported by reasons and examples. Leader’s role in promoting ethics and
CSR is clearly described and is plausible. Then ……..

Read and respond to the conclusions drawn by the two colleagues below
COLLEAGUE #1 The Commision of the European Communities, 2001 defines Corporate social responsibility (CSR) as “a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in the business operation and their interactions with their stakeholders on voluntary basis” (Leung & Snell, 2017). CSR is a way for leaders to make a positive contribution to society. “When corporate social responsibility generates value for shareholders and stakeholders, it is regarded as good business strategy” (DuBrin, 2016, p. 190). CSR is a positive trend that is growing in our workforce because it allows business leaders to influence employees to create changes in the environment using critical thinking.

To sustain CSR, it will take more large industries such as Coka-Cola and Nestle that take an extra interest in preserving the environment. Nestle has almost 40% of its Global factories in areas experiencing water stress with 10% in severe scarcity, and they are reducing its water withdrawal. Among its goals, Coca-Cola aims to increase waste efficiency 25% by 2020, and that same year safely return communities and nature an amount of water equal to what we use in our finished beverages and their production.” (DuBrin, 2016, p. 194). They plan to be a “net-zero” user of water.

Leaders across the world play a vital role in promoting ethics and CSR within organizations. They can be the influence of their businesses and make changes such as, making packages smaller and making extensive use of fluorescent lights. Senior level leaders can have an influence on people to assist with refurbishing houses and playground in neighborhoods that have dwindled away. Several large businesses have taken part in large projects to enhance the overall environment. Some of those companies include; Pioneer Millworks, Levi-Strauss & Co., and the UPS. These companies are taking actions such as using electric vehicles to deliver packages and using eight 12-20 ounce plastic bottles and converting them into polyester fabric for a pair of jeans.

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are a vital component of a company’s strategy and the development of sustainable competitive advantage. The discussions range from charitable enterprises to “going green.” CSR going green is not a fad.
“CSR, it was argued by the cynics, was nothing but a form of window dressing, a means for a company with a poor public image to garner itself a bit of good publicity” (What Price Investing In People? 2017).

CSR is a necessary component of a strategic plan for companies because not only customers have expectations surrounding CSR initiatives, also future employees are looking more closely at  a company’s CSR plans to determine the attractiveness of the company as an employer.

The use of trends in CSR is very noticeable nowadays, companies have been more involved, “we’ve watched as companies went beyond their own walls, using their influence to advocate for global solutions around issues such as climate change, education, poverty, and equal and human
rights” (McPherson, 2017). This proves the efforts companies are making to manage their relationship with the external world.

CSR sustainable strategies involve created profit for the company while maintaining the social responsibility and maintain a good standard with costumes. Company’s often pursuing CSR initiatives to address social and community concerns, as well as to cultivate corporate. For Example, H&M stated “Our vision is that all our operations should be run in a way that is financial, socially and environmentally sustainable. Turning this vision into a reality helps us conduct our business using fewer resources. It also allows us to contribute to improving the lives of people and communities around the world. Today we are involved in various projects and initiatives related to these issues” (H&M, n.d). H&M Limit their use of animal for the confection of their products, no animal testing and the use chemical products in the manufacturing their merchandise to maintain customers and environmental safety

The role that leaders play is the promotion of ethics and social responsibility of the organization with the community and environment while maintaining operations in an ethical standard.

“Strategic leadership of ethics and social responsibilities include leading by example” (DuBrin, 2016. p190). Ethical behaviors are rewarded by customer loyalty. Corporate responsibility interests are often referred to as creating shared value, which is based upon the connection between corporate success and social well-being. Since a business needs a productive workforce to function, health and education are key components of that equation.

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