Militant Islam Reaches America

Review Militant Islam Reaches America by DANIEl PIPES

1. Provide the complete citation for the book you are reviewing.

A complete bibliographic citation includes the author’s name, full title of the book, or monograph, the city in which the book was published, the publisher, and the date. Robert A. Love. Democratic Government in the United States. Towata, New Jersey: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 1989.

2. Summarize the book or monograph.

In no more than 2 pages, provide a clear, carefully constructed summary of the book, taking note of the subject of the work under review and the author’s major arguments, and (if applicable) hypothesis.

3. Evaluate the book or monograph.

a) In 2 to 4 pages assess the work you are reviewing by reference to a) how well the author succeeds in his/her purpose. Does the author make a convincing case in support of his or her principal argument(s)? If yes, why? If not, why? b) The objectivity of the book. In making his or her case, does the author consider other points of view; does he or she evaluate the work that has been done on the same or a similar topic in a way that strikes you as fair and balanced?

b) The use of sources. How effectively does the author utilize the
sources he or she cites. Are there other kinds of sources to which the
author should have made reference?

c) The contribution of the book. On balance, how would you assess
the book? Does it make an important, useful or noteworthy
contribution to our understanding of the particular issue in question?

Why or why not? If you were writing a book on this topic, what would you do differently? Would you recommend this book to others?

4. Limit your review essay to 8 pages.

5. Write clearly, logically and succinctly. How well you write, as well as what you say, will determine your grade.

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