Naturalism: Dissection

Naturalism: Dissection. Write my research paper

The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman emphasizes on the evils of the “Resting Cure.” Gilman structured this story to attack this cruel and ineffective course of treatment. Gilman`s criticizes any form of medical care that does not put into consideration the patient`s concern and she terms it as a treatment object that is passive (Gilman, 2015). This story reveals evils such as woman`s subordination at home and her subordination in a patient/doctor relationship. Gilman`s point of view on this evils is that they should not be tolerated and that is primitive. Gilman`s viewpoint enables the reader to embrace the condemnation of these evils.
Gilman, C. P. (2015). The yellow wall-paper. Penguin UK.
( Please remember it’s required you integrate cited quotations from the primary texts into your responses )
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To Build a Fire is a perfect story of naturalism. The Jack London`s story shows Naturalism exploring the idea of determinism where the environment around us determines our fates. Jack London focusses on the notion that man is indifferent from nature. This story concentrates more on narrative rather than emphasizing character. The characters in this story are unnamed and are from lower to middle class which is a characteristic of naturalistic stories. The language of this story centers on the plot. In this story, an unnamed man is warned by an old timer about the severity of the weather. The man in the story felt very confident that he could depend on himself without preparation for his survival. He refused the advice of the old timer. The man makes many mistakes that cost him his life. Nature does not help him, and it wins. This is a characteristic of naturalistic stories where the man loses control over nature (Hedrick, 2018). Hedrick, J. (2018). Solitary comrade: Jack London and his work.
( You’ve offered a very good explanation of the naturalistic elements in this story, so work in quotations from the text as evidence to support these claims )

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