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One of the strengths of the community such as in the community health directives is that the community gives a positive response and works in tandem with the community health workers as they transform public health in the society. Some of the assets that the community owns are the playgrounds, healthcare centers, and shopping centers. The assets of a community enable the community health providers to work effectively in the transformation of the public health standards.The community has various needs as far as healthcare and nursing is concerned. Some of the needs of the community include access to the healthcare arrangements that the authorities such as the state and federal governments provide. Purchase the answer to view it. We provide the best Online writing service to our students. Log in today to get access to notch papers

The community also needs enough financial resources to afford maintenance of high standards in healthcare. Some of the goals of the community towards the same are the collaboration with the community-based organizations to provide affordable health care, to improve the quality of health care and increase the access points for community engagement and especially in healthcare.The key stakeholders in the healthcare and nursing project are the individuals in the community, the community-based organizations and the various leadership authorities such as the state and the federal government (Bourcier et al., 2015). The healthcare institutions in the community are also part of the stakeholders in the community engagement with the public health initiatives (Bourcier et al., 2015).

Some of the goals in care to the community, according to Kangovi et al. (2014), are as follows. Firstly, the community-based organizations are targeting towards individualizing healthcare and bringing it closer to the populace (Kangovi et al., 2014). The other goal in care is to develop a comprehensive and diverse workforce that will be instrumental to the healthcare observance in the community (Kangovi et al., 2014). Partnership with the community is the other goal in care to improve the social and health wellbeing of the community members (Kangovi et al., 2014).Some of the initiatives underway are the development of the community-based organizations to act as bridges to access of health care by the public. The other initiative is the diversification of the healthcare and nursing professionals to equip them with skills that will enable them to be some of the key players in the provision of health care to the community.

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