ONLY two sexes like when we grew up

Question description

I am always so surprised when I here people say things like, “Don’t you remember that when there was ONLY two sexes like when we grew up?” Sex as in biological sex tend to be associated with XX (female) and XY (male). When you look into there was never and will never ever be only two sexes. One of the most amazing things that make humans unique is our variation. For this discussion I would like you to search one of the many variations found amongst humans and their sex chromosomes.

Things I am expecting you to address.

  • Name of the variation
  • Physical indicators of the variation
  • Physical differences from XX or XY
  • How common it is

The teacher gave us a Wikipedia source we can look through and find something that interests you most. The Wikipedia source is called, “Sex chromosome disorders”. There is a list of things on the website.

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