Personal Interview Assignment

Personal Interview Assignment. Write my research paper

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Identify a person from any minority population. THIS INDIVIDUAL MUST NOT BE A RELATIVE OR CLOSE FRIEND. Conduct an in-depth interview with the person detailing demographic information, family background, traditions, ethnic/racial/cultural identity, experiences with oppression, coping strategies, and attitudes toward oppressors.
All identifying information should be omitted from this paper to protect their right to confidentiality. If you use a name and do not indicate that it is fictitious, it will be assumed that it is their real name and you will lose points. We provide the best Online writing service to our students. Log in today to get access to notch papers

Questions should relate to:
1. Demographics (age, nationality/race, sex, disability, other self-identifiers such as wife, mother, father, athlete, doctor)
2. Family (Background/Size/Structure/Head of Household/Siblings/Children/Mulit-Generational etc.)
3. Traditions (Family, Religious, Non-Religious, Community)
4. Experience with oppression or discrimination
5. Coping strategies for their experiences with oppression or discrimination
6. Their attitude toward their oppressors
The introduction of your paper must document how you prepared yourself for the interview. Did you review articles, videos, journals, books, statistics websites, definitions? Cite two sources used for preparation in APA format in your reference page. Make sure to provide APA style in-text citations within the body of your paper.
The conclusion of the paper will summarize your findings. How did the interviewee educate you about their culture? In hindsight, what could you have done or asked differently to gain the information needed? Was there a time during your interview that was uncomfortable? How did you navigate this with your interviewee?
Please do not use relatives or close friends as the subject for this assignment. You can use a classmate, co-worker, or acquaintance.
Please use APA format for this paper including a title page, abstract, in-text citations, and a reference page. At least 3 FULL pages of body content are required for this assignment and please make sure that all areas are addressed in VIVID detail. This should be in paragraph (essay) form, not Q&A style.

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