Proposal: Needs Assessment Plan

Proposal: Needs Assessment Plan College essay writing service

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The Needs Assessment Plan should be 2–3 pages in addition to the needs assessment examples to be placed in Appendix B.
Using the module Learning Resources as a guide, select two informal and one formal method or strategy for gathering data (needs/ideas). At least one method should use quantitative measures that require the input of numbers or a graduated scale. This approach to gathering data from several perspectives in the field will strengthen your findings. Examples of approaches might include: A formal survey, a formal interview, a formal observation, formal anecdotal evidence such as test records, informal conversations, informal interview, checklists, etc.

Remember that you will NOT conduct the needs assessment; this is only a proposal or plan.

Design three processes for gathering data or evidence of needs. Each process must include all of the following:

Provide the name of the process (e.g., Likert Survey, Semantic Differential Scale, Checklist, etc.)

Explain the type of instrument or activity (e.g., formal or informal)

Explain the key purpose for the assessment instrument or activity. For example, identify the top three concerns of stakeholders or describe the concepts measured by the needs assessment instrument.

Describe the processes to be used for assessment of reliability and validity of the instrument(s) (test-retest reliability, internal consistency, validity, etc.)
List guiding questions of the instrument or activity (Include a minimum of five and maximum of ten questions.)

Describe the process of how the instrument or activity will be disseminated and collected, and where the raw data will be maintained (e.g., Online Survey Monkey, handout, e-mail, maintained in a confidential folder on your personal computer, etc.)

Explain how the data will be analyzed (e.g., descriptive statistics (frequency, mode, median, mean, etc.) or explain the data to measure each variable in the study.

Explain how the findings will be reported (e.g., handout at staff meeting, e-mail, conversations, etc.)

Your proposal should utilize reference citations. Please refer to the APA manual (6th ed.) for appropriate guidelines to support scholarly discourse.
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