refocus on the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention and prevention


This week’s discussions will refocus on the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention and prevention. The ABC Model of Crisis Intervention is broken down into three stages.

The first stage is developing and maintaining rapport. explain what skills you will need in this area, what is the reason that a crisis-intervention worker needs these personal skills, and how do these skills help the client?
The ABC Model addressed two other stages. The second stage is identifying the problem. What is the importance of this stage for the counselor and the client?

Using the Cognitive Tree, in your own words, how will you identify the precipitating event, recognize the meaning or perception of the event from the client’s perspective, and identify the distress and other impairments in such a way that it will help you to know what the best therapeutic interactions are to help the client cope with new behaviors?

Stage 1 of the ABC Model talks about the need for the counselor to have certain skills to develop good rapport with the client.

Discuss the following skills: attending behavior, questioning, paraphrasing, reflections, and summarizations.
Define each of these skills.
Explain how each skill helps the counselor and the client.
Analyze what happens when a counselor does not use these skills in the initial part of the session.

Stage 2 of the ABC Model is about identifying the problem.

Explain why it is important to ask about precipitating events that led to the client making the call to come in for an appointment.
Describe how the counselor begins to understand the distress and functioning level of the client during this interview.
Discuss ethical considerations need to be taken into consideration during the second stage of the interview.
Discuss how the counselor helps the client improve his, or her, coping abilities during this stage.

Stage 3 of the ABC Model is coping.

Describe the role of the crisis worker in this stage.
Identify what tools are useful to the counselor in empowering the client and helping him or her see his/her problems in a new light.

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