Revision for the final paper

Revision for the final paper. College essay writing service

Question description

Part 5 asks you to take your peer and instructor feedback and make substantial revisions to your Intermediate Draft. As revisions are a major component in the recursive writing process, your revisions should be substantial and include both global and local concerns. This revision may require you to re-organize your material, expand your research, revisit your thesis and proposed compromise, make stronger explanations of your stakeholders’ positions, show fairer representations of the major stakeholders’ points, further identify why stakeholders have not yet come to a resolution, reconsider or expand the common ground, and/or more strongly defend the compromise or solution as workable. In addition, it is important to present a polished draft that attends to grammar and surface issues and proper format as identified by your instructor.
Your Project 1 Final Version Essay should be 1,200 – 1,400 words and present an unbiased analysis of two stakeholder arguments that surround a single controversial issue from opposing viewpoints.


This Part 5 assignment will help you to
learn the importance of revision as part of the recursive writing process
synthesize peer & instructor feedback and make revision decisions
identify strengths & weaknesses of your intermediate draft
construct a revision plan
expand research as needed
further develop organizational strategies that contribute to the effective delivery of information and presentation
expand and strengthen your Rogerian Argument by reconsidering and/or building upon the required essay components and by using the skills and strategies you’ve learned in project parts 1-4


Part 5 presents the last draft of the final paper for this Project. This 1,200 – 1,400-word final draft should include a thesis, all major points and evidence, an introduction and conclusion, and a Works Cited page. The evidence requirement for this Part includes at least five sources. Your five sources should include one primary source for each of the two stakeholders (such as information from their websites), at least one credible/scholarly source for each of the two stakeholders (such as scholarly articles that support their arguments or stances), and at least one credible/scholarly source that supports the validity of your proposed compromise.
In review of the essay requirements for this project, your project 1 final version should include the following: (1) an introduction that clearly identifies both stakeholders, the controversial issue, and thesis that presents the point of contention between the stakeholders and explains a proposed compromise, (2) a fair representation of the major stakeholders’ points and evidence that demonstrates your understanding of the value of each position (empathy), (3) a discussion of what the two stakeholders have in common (common ground), (4) a single, feasible and objective resolution that would benefit both stakeholders and potentially work to resolve the issue, (5) a defense of why the resolution is workable for both stakeholders and in which contexts the compromise will work and satisfy each stakeholder, (6) a conclusion that highlights the main points and considers forward-thinking research ideas for research/action, and (7) a Works Cited page.


Review Steps 1-7, noted on your Part 2 Intermediate Draft Project Description and in the above Part 4 Final Draft Description
Review the class content and homework assignments from your Intermediate draft submission and determine the final draft additions or revisions you may need to make based on this new information
Thoroughly review all feedback offered through peer review and by your instructor and determine the revisions needed for your final draft based on your critical assessment of the feedback received
In addition to significantly revising your draft, present a polished draft that attends to grammar and surface issues, and use proper format as identified by your instructor.
Substantial revisions are a requirement per the syllabus. You must expand your work beyond the minimal requirements.
The project overview and description content and step-by-step instructions are meant to guide you through the writing of this Rogerian Argument and to present required components. Additionally, use the Rubric criteria as your assessment guide as you revise and edit your work.

– Step 1-7 for the intermediate draft is attached
– The paper should be in APA style.
– It’s Revision Plan not an new paper.
– The paper that you are going to revision is attached.
– Peer feedback and Instructor feedback are also attached.

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