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To understand an author’s main idea and purpose for work/To recognize the main points that support that main idea/To be able to summarize author’s main ideas/To be able to respond or react to what the author has to say (to support or defend your point of view).
Write a Summary/Response of one of the articles provided here and in the folder “Summary Response”
***Choose ONE of the following articles for your Summary Response essay:
In Joining the Conversation:
“Keeping Up” pages 119-122
“The Writing on the Virtual Bathroom Wall” pages 228-230 , i chose this one
In Sum/Res Articles folder
“A Proposal to Abolish Grading”
Source usage:
For this essay, use only the article you choose. Do not use any other sources for this essay as the focus is on summarizing and responding to the chosen article. We provide the best Online writing service to our students. Log in today to get access to notch papers

Documentation format:

Please use MLA format. Remember to cite the information both parenthetically and on the Works Cited page. Essays without a Works cited page will not be accepted. To cite the textbook, use “A Work in an Anthology” in the
Works Cited: Books link on the OWL website.…

• The summary is just that, a summary, so it should be no more than about ¼ of your final summary/response. Your response should be about ¾ of the final summary/response.
• You should not present your opinion in the summary at any time—that should be saved for the response.
• It is important to present the author’s name and the title of the essay within the first few sentences of the summary. Refer to the author by his/her last name throughout the rest of your sum/res.
Grading Rubric:

Critical Thinking
Thesis statement and support 70% of grade
Use of Rhetorical Appeals

Correct integration and citation of sources in text
Correct source formatting in/and Works Cited page 30% of grade
Student learning objectives:
1. Develop Rhetorical Knowledge
a. Focus on rhetorical situation, audience, and purpose.
b. Use voice, tone, format, and structure appropriately.
c. Write and read texts written in at least one genre for an academic discourse community.
d. Learn reflective strategies.
2. Develop Experience in Writing
a. Learn recursive strategies for generating ideas, revising, editing, and proofreading.
b. Learn to critique one’s own work and the work of others.
3. Develop Application of Composing Conventions
a. Apply genre conventions, including, structure paragraphing tone mechanics, syntax, and style.
b. Use appropriate vocabulary, format, and documentation.
4. Develop Critical and Creative Thinking
a. Identify context.
b. Present a position.
c. Establish a conclusion indicated by the context and that expresses a personal interpretation
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