scholarly references from the CSU-Global library

Choose a product or service in an industry that interests you. Your assignment is to prepare a professional sales presentation that demonstrates your mastery of the concepts learned in this class.


Review the text, readings, and business media to develop a winning proposal with the objective of gaining a commitment from the buyer or buyer group and that includes:

Executive summary
Situational analysis: customer needs and your solution
Seller profile: your company and its capabilities
Pricing and sales
Implementation and timetable
Your proposal must be 8 to 10 written pages (not including cover page or references page, which you must include).
You are being graded on the thoroughness of your analysis and information. Demonstrate that you thoroughly researched and prepared for the presentation with the objective of gaining a commitment from the buyer or buyer group.

Include at least two scholarly references from the CSU-Global library. Cite and reference following APA style (see the APA link below).
Include at least one chart or graph that you have made or, if you have not made the chart, be sure that you have cited it correctly, minding copyright laws.

Make sure your entire paper follows CSU-Global guidelines for APA style.
Make sure your paper is well written. You are being graded in part on writing mechanics, style, and grammar. Be sure your paper flows logically and smoothly. Need more information on producing excellent quality writing? Visit the CSU-Global Library Tools for Effective Writing on the library website.

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