Selective Theory Analyzation presented in Halbur & Halbur (2015) pp. 31- 36

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I have included my results to the quiz along with the reading of the chapter

Assignment 2: Intentional Theory Selection; Post to Bb by midnight, Jan 13 (15 points). Complete the Selective Theory Sorter-Revised, presented in Halbur & Halbur (2015) pp. 31- 36. Reflect on the findings in a 2-3 pages paper, specifically responding to the following questions (15 points):
What are my beliefs and values that are contributing to the score on the highest

How did my experiences shape those values?

Which of my values, beliefs, and behaviors are conducive to providing effective,

Which of my values, beliefs, and behaviors are likely to present challenges for me scored theory?

strengths-based counseling, given my values and beliefs?
as a counselor?

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