Pendulum change as the mass of the bob is changed

How does the period of the pendulum change as the mass of the bob is changed?

8) The goal for this task is to take the data needed to answer the above question.

swing size is always small (5° or a few from vertical).

9) Mass should be changed as much as is safely possible.

Certainly, masses as small as 1 gram are easily available. While testing with large masses please wear safety goggles since a broken string could be dangerous.

10) A minimum amount of data that is required is at least 10 periods for each mass and at least 8 different masses for the bob.

11) During the presentation the group should

  1. Discuss experimental difficulties specific to this question.


  1. b. Address any discrepancy this group finds as compared to the formula =

Notice that the length of the string was 1meter


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