Slippages & Similarities between Digital and Person Identity

Slippages & Similarities between Digital and Person Identity. College essay writing service

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(September 18) – Essay #1 Due (750 words minimum). Turkle often speaks about “slippages” between identity online in digital environments and offline, amid in-person encounters. Select 2-3 examples from the Turkle/and or Dibble. Discuss how these examples illustrate identity “slippages,” or similarities between digital versus in person identity. You may draw your 2-3 examples from either Turkle, Dibbell, or both. How to Write an Essay Read the text(s) carefully and underline important points and/or take notes. Always include an introductory thesis statement. The thesis statement should be a specific claim or argument. Begin with an introduction that states your topic and provides the reader with a road map for what you will talk about. In the body of the paper, support your argument with specific evidence from the text(s). Evidence may take the form of paraphrasing ideas or direct quotes. We provide the best Online writing service to our students. Log in today to get access to notch papers.

Either way, be sure to use in-text citations (Lange 2015: 7). Do not include more than 2-3 direct quotes in your paper. It is okay to paraphrase text, but you still need to provide an in-text citation. Make sure direct quotes are brief (no longer than a sentence or two). No block quotes! When providing evidence for your argument, elaborate and provide details. Do not just make assertions, back them up with evidence from the readings. Avoid drawing on your own personal experience. An important aspect of the class is to learn about and be sensitive to other people’s digital experiences. Do not turn the papers into autobiography. Finally, provide a conclusion that is about a paragraph. The conclusion may include a brief summary, but ideally should extend beyond repetition. It should answer questions such as: Why is this topic important? What did the author do well and what was missing? Where should we conduct research next?

Do not simply state that you liked or disliked the readings. You are required to make an argument that is supported with evidence and material from the texts. Also, do not just turn in your paper after your first draft! Re-read and edit it! Does your argument make sense to you? If you are not convinced by your own argument, it is unlikely that others will be. These papers should be written clearly and persuasively. Try reading the paper aloud to yourself or to a friend outside the class. Did they understand your paper? If not, try re-writing confusing sentences. Good writing is about revision!We provide the best Online writing service to our students. Log in today to get access to notch papers.

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