Source Evaluation essay & Annotated bibliography essay

Source Evaluation essay & Annotated bibliography essay Write my research paper

Question description

Hello, this midterm portfolio is about the two essays you wrote for me (Source Evaluation essay & Annotated bibliography essay).
I will attach two files
1- for the directions
2- Questions template that you have to answer (the questions are about the two essays)

Also, my instructor left me a note about the SE essay regarding revising it so I will type her note and attach the SE essay for the revision
**This is an excellent first draft. It’s almost portfolio ready. My overall revision suggestion is to bulk up the first two paragraphs a bit. In paragraph one, give a little more info about why this is such a controversial issue (i.e., give an overview of the competing perspectives). In paragraph two, add a few more details to your summaries of the articles before jumping into analysis. Finally, preview your main supporting points in your thesis statements. Expanding in these early paragraphs will provide a more stable foundation for your analytical body paragraphs. The SE essay is the Free College Education Essay  for part 1 of the midterm reflection template, it’s gonna ask you to answer a couple of questions from the book so I attached the page as a (Revising Questions. pdf)
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