The SPSS Environment Data Analysis

The SPSS data in the file SLP 4 was collected regarding 100 individuals after their death. It captures their longevity, and their parents’ and grandparents’ lifespan, and whether they were smokers. Using these data (in SPSS):

1.Generate a histogram for the longevity variable.
2.Generate an appropriate graph to examine the distribution of smokers in the sample. Interpret the results.
3.Generate two new variables: average parents’ lifespan, and average grandparents’ lifespan.
4.Generate a chart (pick an appropriate one) to examine whether a person’s longevity relates to the average life span of their parents. Repeat this for their grandparents.
5.Looking at the graphs can you infer which association is stronger? Explain.

SLP Assignment Expectations

1.Answer all questions with clarity and depth. Show your critical thinking ability.
2.Show necessary reasoning and steps for calculations.
3.No need to write an essay for the SLP; it is sufficient to answer the questions and use appropriate SPSS outputs.


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