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Termination Letter via email: College essay writing service

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Snippie, Inc., is a company based in Santa Clara, California that provides various services for users, including allowing them to store video and audio files, presentations and other files. It also offers its users (for a fee) cloud storage, e-commerce solutions and more.
In June of 2018, the company decided to cease its service of allowing videos to be posted by users for the Internet public in general to view. Due to intense competition from sites like YouTube, Hulu, and Vimeo, Snippie’s user base for its streaming video service has declined steadily and shows no prospect of rebounding.

Currently, 18 people work full time in Snippie’s video streaming department, which will be eliminated. Snippie is committed to do everything possible to find positions for these 18 employees with Snippie’s other departments and the company will stop hiring external people so that these employees can be used to fill any spots than open in other departments in the near future. However, it is clear that some of the 18 employees will have to be let go. For those people, Snippie will be offering offering job placement assistance and a generous severance package.
Please draft an email memorandum that will be sent to all 18 of Snippie’s video streaming department employees to let them know the bad news and to give them the essentials of this information. Please try to make the email sound as nice and calming as possible without leaving out any essential information.

Your email should be roughly 300-600 words long. You may make up any reasonable facts and circumstances that you believe necessary to complete this assignment
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