The Day the Purpose of College Changed Homework Help

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“The Day the Purpose of College Changed”
1. Why might Reagan have said that taxpayers shouldn’t be “subsidizing intellectual curiosity”? What is that he speaks of? What is your opinion on that?
2. Why did most college students pick their college campus in the 80s? How did that differ from the previous reason?
3. Nurses should know what of their patients, and why?
“The New Jim Crow”
4. Once prisoners are released, what are they denied?
5. What did the media do with the images surrounding “crack cocaine”?
6. What do racial caste systems need to survive?
7. What does Alexander say will end mass incarceration?
“Ivory Tower”
8. What has college been sold as? What is going wrong with it?
9. What type of education does Harvard value most? Why?
10. How has the competition for prestige impacted American colleges? Students?
11. Explain the importance of the out-of-state student for college campuses
12. If the college classroom is an example of real world democracy, what would make Deer Springs College unique?
13. Why does the Cooper Union offer free tuition for all enrolled students? Who did they want to include?
14. Higher Education Act of 1965 and its modern day contradictions
15. What are the goals of “unlearning” as an alternative to traditional education
16. How is technology widening access to college courses?
“Inequality for All”
17. What are the similarities between the market crashes after 1928 and 2007?
18. Consumer spending is ________% of the American economy. How do they keep it going? Who keeps it going?
19. How does the government define “middle class”?
20. What is the problem with the spending of the richer class?
21. Is there a such thing as a completely free market? Why or why not?
22. What “happened” in the late 1970s?
23. Where do your dollars go when you buy an iPhone? How does it relate to globalization?
24. Globalization and technology have done what to the incomes of Americans?
25. What is the “virtuous cycle”?

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