The Essence of the Essay, Cause and Effect AND Video

after watching the video and reading Chapter 14 Cause and Effect, write at a 300 to 500 word (not including the heading and title) essay responding to specific information found in “The Essence of the Essay,” “Chapter 14 Cause and Effect” AND the “Video.”

Pick at least one detail that you found interesting or helpful. Feel free to mention any information you found confusing or that which you disagree.

I do NOT want a summary of the chapter;

I want your thoughts/response to some of the information in the chapter AND video. When you cite specific information from the chapter remember to include the page number within your essay.

When you cite specific information from the video remember to include the author’s name within your essay.

As always, ALL assignments must be done in MLA style, double-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font.

See the sample MLA essay on page 403 for an example in your textbook.

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