The global societal issue: Discussion

The global societal issue: Discussion. College essay writing service

Hello everyone,The global societal issue that I have chosen to research for my final paper is the refugee crisis. Further research on this topic is important and absolutely necessary as the numbers continue to change. More people are dying, more people are seeking refuge in other places, more people are hungry. More people are being killed by rebels. The horror that these people have been facing for decades continues.Thesis statement: More than twenty-five million refugees exist today. One-sixth of the world’s population lives on less than one dollar a day. 1.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water. One-third of the world has no electricity.This global societal issue, the refugee crisis impacts a specific population indeed. 56 percent of the world’s 21 million refugees are being hosted by just 10 countries – all in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Although America has much to do with the struggles of these countries, no American or European countries are suffering the way these people are.

These are are people of color and it’s disgusting when we can do a lot more to help.The top five countries that account for the most refugees in the world today are countries that are already fighting for themselves. Still they are helping others seek refuge. There is so much to study in order to spread the message. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Above is the link to an article that I found more interesting than surprising. When I first started reading about the refugee crisis, Afghanistan was among the first countries on the list, right after Cambodia which followed Sierra Leone. This article provides updated statistic information which is something that is necessary for putting my paper together.Ahmadi, B. (2017). The Afghan refugee crisis in 2016 [Elektronische Ressource] / Belquis Ahmadi; Sadaf Lakhani. Washington/D.C: United States Institute of Peace.

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The Me Too movement has given women the opportunity to have their voices heard at a greater extent. Because the Me Too movement is in its full effect, it is essential to understand the inequalities that exist and the progress that has to happen in the world to close that gap.Thesis statement
While Gender inequality is not as vast as before, gender inequality is still persistent in all aspects of our society because It is observed in the workplace, it is seen it in politics, and it is most evident in the world of sports.Gender inequality not only affects female professionals around the world. It also affects young men and women who are growing up and viewing the differences in how society perceives the two genders. Women are considered more nurturing therefore they tend to focus more on family time than their men counterpart, therefore when it comes to considering who will go the extra mile if both have families, the belief is that men will. Changing that perception is necessary to reduce the gender gap and give every person an equal opportunity in the workforce.There seems to be a divide within all of us and we have our barriers that always seems to need to be broke down and we can never possibly have a positive outcome when it comes to change a person’s view. “This discussion of gender equality has been a topic of discussion for generations and how we would be able to create a world where we all can get fair treatment for what we do as a society (Howson, R., & Flood, M. (2015))”.

I feel that me being raised with all sisters and my mother, has opened my eyes to see how valuable a woman’s touch can be for us men to keep a balance within ourselves and we try to discredit it, but deep down we know that women incorporate a huge amount of their time to supervise our digressions and come up with solutions to the fact they we’re incapable as men to dedicate what we supposable feel passionate about to that, at that time. They need the respect and the inclusion of what we have to build upon to figure out what is that we need to embrace and throw out, when it comes to separation from the opposite sex.To understand the gender inequality that exists around the world Nemoto (2013) points out that most of the women who work full time are on the lower echelon jobs of companies (p. 515). Nemoto (2013) continues to say that “In the USA and the UK women constitute 43 percent and 35 percent of managers, respectively, but they make up only about 10 percent in Japan” (p. 515). The disparity between different countries are enormous, culture has a lot to do with that discrepancy. Education on the ability that women have in the world can make a difference in reducing the inequality that exists around the world.

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Nemoto, K. (2013, September). Long working hours and the corporate gender divide in Japan. Gender, Work & Organization, 20(5), 512-527. doi:10.1111/j.1468-0432.2012.00599.xReply 3Hi class,Unlike many popular sources, scholarly sources are written by experts. Scholarly sources go through a peer review process and are evaluated by independent experts unlike popular sources. Scholarly sources have footnotes and bibliographies unlike popular sources.Scholarly sources have minimal advertising or illustrations unlike popular sources. Scholarly sources are based on original research or intellectual inquiry unlike popular sources.Scholarly sourceAccording to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report (2016), the most likely global risk perceived during the year 2016 is large-scale involuntary migration – forced migration caused by violence, conflicts, environmental, and/or economic reasons.

1 The report highlights three main factors that increase the risk posed by involuntary migration: longer stay of forced migrants in host countries; ineffective global humanitarian interventions to meet the long-term needs of refugees for their successful reintegration; and, as the over- whelming majority of forced migrants live in developing countries that already have weak socioeconomic and governance systems, the refugees remain deprived of basic facilities.Popular source”Pakistan officially hosts the third largest refugee population in the world after Jordan and Turkey, sheltering some 1.4 million registered Afghans and, according to estimates, up to a million more residing without documentation. Since 2009, Islamabad has repeatedly pushed back a deadline for Afghan refugees who arrived from the 1980s onwards to return to their home country, but fears are growing that the latest cut-off — March 2017 — will be final.”The Popular source didn’t have the a reference list or credentials. Because I’ve written news stories for journalism courses I can tell that it was just recycled information. It was basically a basic read with no disclosed credentials or anything of that nature. Nevertheless, this was a good article and the writer(s) did have a pretty good and rather accurate timeline of the history of Pakistan’s Afghan refugees. It’s definitely an older article as the cut off for the refugees to leave has been pushed back

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The difference between a popular and a scholarly source lies within the content. A popular source, such as a magazine or blog, would have content that is created for a general audience so the language that is used would be simple and easy to comprehend. The sources that are used are not cited, as the information is usually general interest topics, current events, trends or buzzworthy subjects. The sources that are used for scholarly written works are cited because the information that is used contains content that is specific to a chosen topic. The language that is used is more technical and academically inclined as the work usually provides an in-depth analysis that required extensive research into the subject matter.I have found two sources, one popular and one scholarly, that pertain to my final paper topic of social media censorship. The scholarly source was found in the Ashford Library and is an article written by Gabriel la Mas titled “#NoFilter: The Censorship of Artistic Nudity on Social Media”. The article discusses issues surrounding artistic expressions of nudity online and the conflicts that arise from it. It mentions solutions and policies surrounded by the First Amendment and how private entities are protected by their right to not adhere to the amendment. I see no biases or limitations in using this source as it comes from a reliable platform, a university library.

The popular source that I have chosen to include is from Forbes online magazine written by a contributor named Clyde Wayne Crews Jr. The article titled “Social Media Filtering is Not Censorship” discusses how Facebook uses algorithms to filter content that their users share in order to push their own agenda. This source does read with slight bias, assuming that the government is using their power to censor social media posts that don’t go along with their agenda. The information that is most reliable in relation to my paper would be that social media CEO’s and the people the hire to work the site have the ultimate control over what content is allowed to come through their platform. Even with the speculation that the government could possibly have a hand in how certain political opinions are shared, my focus would be more on the negatives of sharing harmful information and how the younger generations need to be protected from it.ReferencesCrews Jr., C. (2018). Social Media Filtering is Not Censorship. Retrieved from, Gabriel la. Washington University Journal of Law & Policy, 2017, Vol. 54, p307-327, 21p. Publisher: Washington University School of Law., Database: Complementary Index

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