Tornadoes In 5 U.S States March 21st 1932

Tornadoes In 5 U.S States March 21st 1932
Tornadoes In 5 U.S States
Also known as the ‘The Deep South Super Outbreak’, this was one of the worst natural calamities of all time to hit the United States. A series of 36 tornadoes struck 5 American states on 21st March 1932, resulting in the death of around 330 people and more than 2000 were grievously injured due to its impact.

700-750 words
**paper should include:
• Title
• Introduction paragraph
Give me context before the event, what was happening at that time that lead to the event

• Body
o IN YOUR OWN WORDS describe the event.
• Conclusion
o What happened after?
o What did you learned about this research assignment?

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