What is my personal counseling theory and why? Adler and Person Centered

I want to use Individual Psychology – Adler and Person Centered – Rogers and I want to treat children and adolescence.
This paper is designed to allow exploration and development of some of your own ideas about counseling. Using your creative thinking, as well as your reactions to the theories reviewed in this course, discuss your approach to counseling. Your discussion must incorporate at least two theories of counseling. Do not describe the theories, but rather address the following points (and any others of your choice):

What about the two theories fits who you are? For example, do you share their beliefs about human nature, the development of mental illness, the likelihood of recovery, the focus on cognitions vs. feelings, the approach to diversity and cultural differences, etc.

What aspects of the theories fit best with the client population you are interested in working with?

What ethical considerations are relevant when considering the two theories?

With recovery orientation in mind, what modifications, if any, would need to be made to the theories, to support work in diverse environments, including those comprised of clients who suffer from mental health and/or addictive disorders?

The paper must be organized using headings and sub-headings of your choice.

The paper is to include at least 7 citations from at least 3 peer-reviewed counseling journals (no Web-sites!). Expected length: 6-7 pages; to those, add a Title page and a Reference page.

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